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Professional A/C Tune-Up for Your Florida Home or Business

Air Conditioning Tune Up

Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning Keeps Your Property Cool

Turn to Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning when it’s time to schedule your routine A/C Tune-Up in Ocala, FL. Whether you own a home in The Villages or Ocala area, or you are looking to keep your commercial business cool year-round, regular air conditioning tune-ups can save you time and money in the long run. With sky-high temperatures throughout the summer here in Central Florida, you’ll want to ensure your A/C system is running smoothly well before the heatwave hits. Thankfully, Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers expert A/C service plans, repairs, and tune-ups.

The Importance of Regular A/C Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Regular air conditioning tune-ups can help prevent small problems from progressing into larger ones. When you schedule routine A/C maintenance with Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning, you decrease your risk of needing to pay for more extensive repairs or having to replace your system down the road. Your air conditioner is built to last, even in the harsh weather of Central Florida. However, with prolonged use and exposure to the elements, your system will need maintenance to continue operating optimally. Prolong the life of your A/C system with our professional inspections and tune-ups. Help your air conditioner run at peak efficiency for years to come.

Our Preventative Maintenance Services for Your A/C

Preventative maintenance services for your air conditioner start with regular tune-ups. These annual inspections allow our team to identify any concerns or underlying issues before they affect the comfortability of your home or business. When your A/C is working less than optimally, you are bound to notice, especially in the Central Florida heat. Of course, you can count on our team to repair any issues with your system as they arise, but you can likely avoid them altogether when you commit to our preventative maintenance services.

Trusted Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services

Each tune-up we perform begins with a thorough A/C inspection. Our technicians use the following checklist to assess the efficiency of your system and identify any potential issues:

  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Test and adjust refrigerant levels and blower components
  • Inspect thermostat and condensation lines
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts in the blower motor
  • Conduct a system control check

These steps allow our team to locate and resolve easily corrected issues before they develop into more significant problems for your system. Tune-ups benefit the longevity of your air conditioner and can delay the expense of purchasing a new system for years. We will replace belts, sensors, and other equipment at the first sign of wear. If more serious issues present themselves, we can usually provide a free estimate on site. Your entire inspection should take less than an hour to complete.

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Scheduling an A/C tune-up with Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning is easy. Our services are available seven days a week. We are happy to work around your daily schedule to conduct the tune-up when it is most convenient for you. You can count on our friendly technicians to arrive on time. A satisfaction guarantee backs our services, so you can count on our team getting the job done right the first time. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner tune-up and set up your system to keep you cool for summers to come.

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