Mini-Split A/C Systems


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Mini-Split A/C Systems in Ocala & Central Florida

Mini-Split A/C Systems

Mini-split Systems Provided by Patrick’s

Ductless HVAC systems, often referred to as split or mini-split systems, provide excellent room-to-room comfort in homes requiring specific climate solutions. There are many useful applications for these split systems including cooling for hobby rooms, garages, music studios, smaller or older homes, condos, apartments, and hotel rooms. Whether your intention is to supplement an existing HVAC system, improve the climate control of an addition, or to outfit a brand new home, these ductless cooling and heating systems are designed to meet all of your needs to remain comfortable, providing hands-on room-to-room temperature control.

Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning multi-split systems offer energy-efficient performance and comfort in a variety of stylish solutions. With multiple models to choose from to suit your needs, you can be assured that our multi-split air conditioning systems provide the perfect solution for your specific space and lifestyle needs. For a free quote and complimentary consultation to discuss your home’s ductless split system installation, contact us today at (352) 260-0064.

Why Purchase A Ductless Heating And Cooling System?

What makes a house a home? Comfort. But a noisy, inefficient HVAC system with fluctuating temperatures and high energy costs are not things we consider to be comfortable. What you really want is a whisper-quiet ductless cooling and heating system to keep your home at a constant and consistent comfort level, providing you cleaner air, and a reduction to your energy costs upwards of 50 percent. Whether your goal is to supplement your home’s existing system, you are adding to a new space, or you are building from the ground up, a ductless air conditioning system can provide maximum savings and year-round comfort.

Save Time and Money with Easy Installation

Ductless systems consist of just two major components, and require no invasive and costly ductwork, making these modern air conditioning systems fast and efficient, while remaining easy to install. An indoor system typically mounts on a central location within your home that can be easily connected to the outdoor unit.

Going ductless is one of the best ways to upgrade from inefficient baseboard heaters and noisy, view-obstructing window air conditioners. Rather than building expansions onto the home’s existing ductwork or adding hazardous kerosene or electric space heaters, a ductless system can deliver safe and efficient cooling and heating.

Install Just About Anywhere

A ductless split system can be programmed automatically or configured manually to maintain cost-effective cooling and heating in each room of the home. These settings can be configured to only activate the cooling or heating system in an occupied room, saving you money that would otherwise be wasted on vacant areas.

Building An Addition Or Converting A Garage Or Basement?

A ductless system is your go-to solution for climate control in your converted garage. In fact, for areas where the cost or space of a ducted system is not possible, these are excellent systems to take the place of a more expensive duct expansion.

Planning A New Home?

When you are planning a new home design, it’s important to be aware that a multi-split system can be designed to maximize efficiency and simplify installation and maintenance work. Even new homes with ducted HVAC systems can take advantage of the convenience and versatility of a multi-split ductless system

I Can Barely Hear It. Is It Working?

A ductless system operates at the volume of a distant whisper. That’s how noiseless these systems are when they are properly installed and maintained. Those who require even more silence from their ductless system can use the unique “quiet mode” feature which drops the sound of operation down even more.

How Efficient Are They? How Much Will I Save?

These comfort systems are built using state-of-the-art technology to ensure they remain as efficient as possible throughout the life of the product. There’s no fiddling with configurations or settings – the temperature is maintained by constant and automatic climate monitoring. This is to keep you comfortable, but also acts to prevent excessive heating or cooling costs by cutting operations by as much as 50 percent. No longer will you need to constantly fidget with the thermostat, just set your preferred temperature on your split system and let it do the rest.

Many of Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning split systems offer what’s called an “intelligent eye,” a feature that automatically switches the system into an energy-saving mode after there is no movement detected in the area for 20 minutes. The system can even resume normal operation when it detects motion if someone reenters the room. These are features designed with your comfort and finances in mind.

Will a Split System Clean The Air In My Home?

Without a doubt. Our ductless split-systems feature high-quality photocatalytic deodorizing air filters that were developed with an odor decomposition technology that removes bacteria and viruses. These air filters also help to trap humidity, smoke, air, dust, and pollen. Maintenance is as simple as exposing it to sunlight once every six months and wiping the filter clean. Especially useful if someone in your family is allergy prone, a ductless cooling and heating system may be the perfect upgrade.

Is a Ductless Split System Right For You? Call Us Today to Find Out!

A quick, easy, and affordable means for indoor climate solutions, look to Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning ductless multi-split heating and air conditioning systems. Count on us to get the job done right the first time. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no hassle, no mess – just quiet, clean, and efficient heating and cooling for years to come.

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