Best Sale of the Year for Patrick's HVAC

January 10, 2019

Best Sale of the Year for Patrick’s HVAC

The holiday season is done and 2019 is here! Also, with each new year, comes new beginnings, with its objectives, goals or new moves up to enhance your customary every day presence. With winter at full swing, home upgrade is something various property holders put off and slight. We at Patrick’s HVAC, need to empower you to get all your home upgrade targets checked for 2019. Which is the reason we’ve started our new Winter Clearance Sale to help with all your home cooling, warming, plumbing and electrical need and help keep your homes mechanical systems working really all year.

Offers include:

  • $100 off Tankless Water Heater
  • $69 AC, Heating, Plumbing or Generator Tune-up or Service Call
  • Save up to $2,575 on qualifying equipment
  • $100 off WUV Air Cleaner
  • FREE New HVAC System Quote

And More!!!

There’s no better time to save than today. Call us at (352) 260-0064 to schedule your free in-home new AC and heating system estimate or schedule your tune-up today.


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