After a Storm

After a flood or storm surge from a hurricane, homeowners are advised to take important safety precautions with regard to their home’s heating and cooling systems, as well as water heaters. Replace, Don’t Repair Flood-damaged heating and cooling equipment and systems should be replaced and not repaired, according to AHRI. All inspection and replacement work [...]

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Will your AC unit withstand heavy rains?

There are some do's and don'ts when it comes to preparing your AC unit for heavy rains or potential flooding. AC Units Are Built Tough First of all, it's good to remember that your AC unit is designed to withstand rain, snow, and even hail. Still, heavy rains and high winds can carry debris and [...]

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Recessed lights – notorious energy wasters?

Recessed lights can be quite decorative, but they are known among Energy Auditors as notorious energy wasters. Those "pot lights" that are tucked into the ceiling requires a substantial hole in the room's envelope. Recessed lighting fixtures often stand out as the biggest HVAC efficiency problem in the room, as evidenced by thermal mapping. This [...]

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NASA Named This Houseplant the Air Purifying Champion

What might your home or office might have in common with a NASA spaceship? Unfortunately, the answer may be poor air quality. Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. Stagnant indoor environments allow pollutants to build up and stick around in greater amounts than we humans are [...]

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Is Your House Sick?

Toxic House Syndrome is a relatively new and serious health issue that encompasses an array of ailments. Newer homes are more tightly sealed and energy efficient. While this is considered a good thing in keeping utility costs down, it can also increase indoor air quality problems. Indoor air pollution is most serious in homes that are tightly sealed. In [...]

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Simple ways to prevent AC repair problems

Besides just replacing the air filter in your HVAC unit, there are other things you can do to help ensure your air conditioning system keeps up during the sweltering days of summer and keep your AC repair costs at a bare minimum. Outside Keep your outdoor equipment clear of weeds and vegetation. Debris and weeds blocking [...]

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Think your indoor air is clean? Think again.

According to the EPA, indoor air measurements in some cases have been found to be 100x more polluted than our outdoor environment! Since majority of Americans spend as much as 90% of the time indoors nowadays, indoor air quality is a serious issue. Suffering from these health issues? Researchers have found that childhood diagnoses of allergies, autism, Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndrome [...]

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Is this the last year for your furnace?

Nothing lasts forever, including your furnace and  your air conditioning unit. Components eventually break down and these hard-working units gradually lose their efficiency over time. All of us want the most value from any purchase, but if you wait too long, you’ll pay more money on repairs and high utility bills than you would financing new, energy-efficient [...]

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